April 09, 2012


We're back, baby. Err.. we never left, but anyway....
We'll be performing live with Elsah and Bobcat at Northgate Tavern on Saturday, May 5.
Pretty excited about the show. We've been working on some new tunes, including "Green Tea" and a brand new jam entitled, "Love Song (In the Key of Who the Fuck Cares)."
The band will be headed to the studio this summer, doing a few songs which may or may not be featured on our upcoming Singles Collection — more info on that coming soon.

Don't forget about our latest release, the double a-side, featuring "Roach Motel" and "Saturday City Lights," which is available now at this link.

In other news, Loubie and I have been moonlighting in a rocking-ass four piece, entitled Teen Hustle. Do check out their three-song debut EP, One Hundred Beers of Solitude. It's badass and free, unless you wanna donate some money to that cause.

Also, what do you think about this little design on the bottom here for a t-shirt? Do tell!