March 29, 2013

Band FB roll!

Matt from junior high football says:
listen to these damn bands, ya hear?

A lot of us play in a lot of different bands. Here is a list with the FB page and bandcamp page.
Like us and listen, would ya? 

The Widowers  

The Diane Lanes - rock of the highest order from Loubie, Lee Barbier, Spencer Johnson, and me on drums. We are playing tomorrow night (March 30) at Mud & Water. 

Dov Charney - a noisy trio consisting of Loubie, Lee Barbier, and me on drums. 

Arabian Safari - Paul Kintzing and I doing pretty much doing whatever we want. 

German Error Message - Paul Kintzing's always-beautiful bedroom music. His new album will be out in April, and trust me, it's amazing. 

The Its — Bridget Gary's pop-rock band that I sometimes rock the drums for. We are playing next Saturday in New Orleans, which should be a good time. I'll have more info on that show soon. 

Childrens Church — my solo project 

The Tomatoes - Will Doon's rock trio which has an amazing new EP out, dubbed Into the Blackout.  

I'll be posting some of our good friends in the next days that you should check out, too! If you're into Twitter, my handle is @MatthewSigur. Here is my tumblr as well. 

Childrens Church gets high praise in DIG Baton Rouge

While living in Lafayette, I worked on some different style recordings with my good friend Paul Kintzing (of German Error Message and Arabian Safari).
The project is called Childrens Church, and the debut EP is now available on bandcamp for name your own price. To hear it, click here.
Randy Faucheux of DIG Baton Rouge calls the EP "bedroom music with cabin fever." Check out the full review here.
If you enjoy Childrens Church, you can expect more tunes before the end of the year. Paul and I have tons of songs we didn't put on this release, and we're working on some more stuff right now.

Check out some live videos from our March 15 show

A couple weekends ago, we took the stage as a trio and rocked it. Check out our videos from the show below.

Get our latest stuff at our Bandcamp page now!