March 30, 2011

On deck: feature in LSU Legacy Magazine, request us on KLSU and more

The Widowers will be featured in next month's Legacy Magazine. This edition of the LSU, student-run, award-winning magazine will also feature a special compilation which includes the Central Discount track, "Quite the Suitor."

The compilation will also include tracks from Thou, Caddywhompus and more.

Also happening: KLSU's annual fundraiser. Call them up at (225) 578-5578 to donate. $25 or more gets you a cool t-shirt, designed by the awesome DJs there and our friends at SilkyScreens. You don't have to donate that much, but any donation would be awesome as KLSU is the greatest. Once your done, request "Cornersong"! Our studio cut of the song was featured on Phantom Party Records' Compilation No. 1. It's a bit different than the Central Discount version, but still awesome, so check it here! That entire record is full of artists and songs we love.

Also, have you heard the sneak peek of our Record Store Day release? If not, check it here!

March 27, 2011

Here's a clip from "JHC," a song from the forthcoming April 16th, Record Store Day release. 

March 25, 2011

Bands we love — #1

Each week, we'll be presenting you with a few bands we love. There's a ton of them, so don't just think this is a one time thing. 

Exhibit A: German Error Message 
This one's a given. We even did a free split release with our good buddy, Paul Kintzing (or as we call him P. King), a few months back. His acoustic-driven bedroom pop will literally make your ears glow as if heaven sent a beam of light on your head. Oh, and he just released a new album, After the Warmth. However, you should spend the low cost to get the beautifully-packaged physical copy. 

Exhibit B: Pacifico
Matthew Schwartz and his ever-changing touring band, Pacifico, create some of the sugary-sweetest pop-rock around today. Here's a recent article from DIG Magazine about him. Seek out the track "17th and Something" for some Friday listening bliss. 

Exhibit C: Research Turtles 
Oasis-like rock straight outta Lake Charles. Jud Norman and his rag-tag gang know how to craft songs that will make you smile as the amps are turned up to 11. We'll be playing with them on May 28th at Luna Bar and Grill in LC in support of their forthcoming release, Mankiller, which is a blast of an album. 

Exhibit D: The Have-Nauts 
Jason Ourso and Michael Roy have made tunes together in the Baton Rouge scene for, it seems like, a billion years. With this new band, they put a little doo-wop twist to their rock-infused cocktail. It's the city's answer to bands such as Black Keys and Kings of Leon, but with more swing and balls. Also, they're playing tonight. Here's the details. 

Exhibit E: Big Blue Marble 
The first time I saw this NOLA band was at local dive on Chimes Street. Maybe 20 people were there, but they played like 1,000+ was in the audience. In short, I was blown away. They consistently put out great records. Their new self-titled disc is available on iTunes and shows that the band hasn't lost its knack for writing some of the catchiest tunes this side of Mississippi. Not at all. 

March 24, 2011

Upcoming shows!!!!

Haven't seen us live yet? Good thing we have a ton of upcoming shows! 

April 8th: Acoustic Set at Barnes & Noble Citiplace
The show will benefit Tipitina's Co-Op in Baton Rouge

April 21st: Performance on The After-School Special at Loyola's Crescent City Radio. The show will stream from 3 to 6 p.m here

May 21st: Acoustic Set at The Haven with War Jacket.
A show with our good friends at American Thrift

May 28th: Luna Bar & Grill in Lake Charles with Research Turtles
Jud and the gang will be releasing their amazing, new album Mankiller, Part 1 of 2. 

June 24th: Chelsea's Cafe in Baton Rouge with Big Blue Marble and Research Turtles. 

March 23, 2011

Lyrics of the Day: "Roger Explains Death/Saul"

takes a beginning for an ending 
and my start is shaky 
takes a beginning for an ending
and my days are fading 

through a crack in the sky 
her arm appears 
and i'm sweating 
as she feasts on my fears 
and along the river
the locusts buzz
it's all our eyes see 
an endless hum 

takes a beginning for an ending 
and my start is shaky 
takes a beginning for an ending
and my days are fading

some call it loss, what others gain 
those weary of the cross 
some take pleasure in his pain 
some hope for heaven 
others reincarnation 
some making a living of life 
i'm tired of your explanation 

takes a beginning for an ending
and my start is shaky 
takes a beginning for an ending 
so i'll stop hesitating 

listen/buy the track here

Stereo Gumbo's review of our Feb. 26th Live Set

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of playing with two rocking bands, Houma's Secret Society in Smaller Lies and local favs Baby Boy

Kasha Lishman of Stereo Gumbo was there to give her take on the evening's events. You can read the full review here

Also, thanks to Josh Nee for this wonderful flier right here. That guy = amazing. 

March 22, 2011

What the critics are saying about Friendly

Our first album, Friendly, was released May of last year. It's available for free download here. Here are some reviews: 

"If this EP proves one thing it’s that a singer-songwriter can be just as loud and inventive as any band, and Matthew Sigur already is." - Music From a Green Window

"Check out the insistent, repetitive twang and groove of 'Beacon Street' that somehow manages to come across like the cocksure and impudent offspring of a Johnny Cash song overdosing on 70s punk attitude." — Mad Mackerel. 

March 21, 2011

Welcome/Record Store Day release details

Welcome to The Widowers' blog. This is where you can find any information, tunes, pictures, links and more on the Baton Rouge band. 

We'll be updating the site with past links, reviews and more. For now, we're excited about our upcoming release for Record Store Day, April 16th. 

The cover, to the left, was illustrated and designed by Hollie Chastain. More of her work can be found here.

The release will feature two tracks:
1. JHC
2. Turn & Run 

The release will be available for free via our bandcamp.