March 30, 2011

On deck: feature in LSU Legacy Magazine, request us on KLSU and more

The Widowers will be featured in next month's Legacy Magazine. This edition of the LSU, student-run, award-winning magazine will also feature a special compilation which includes the Central Discount track, "Quite the Suitor."

The compilation will also include tracks from Thou, Caddywhompus and more.

Also happening: KLSU's annual fundraiser. Call them up at (225) 578-5578 to donate. $25 or more gets you a cool t-shirt, designed by the awesome DJs there and our friends at SilkyScreens. You don't have to donate that much, but any donation would be awesome as KLSU is the greatest. Once your done, request "Cornersong"! Our studio cut of the song was featured on Phantom Party Records' Compilation No. 1. It's a bit different than the Central Discount version, but still awesome, so check it here! That entire record is full of artists and songs we love.

Also, have you heard the sneak peek of our Record Store Day release? If not, check it here!

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