March 25, 2011

Bands we love — #1

Each week, we'll be presenting you with a few bands we love. There's a ton of them, so don't just think this is a one time thing. 

Exhibit A: German Error Message 
This one's a given. We even did a free split release with our good buddy, Paul Kintzing (or as we call him P. King), a few months back. His acoustic-driven bedroom pop will literally make your ears glow as if heaven sent a beam of light on your head. Oh, and he just released a new album, After the Warmth. However, you should spend the low cost to get the beautifully-packaged physical copy. 

Exhibit B: Pacifico
Matthew Schwartz and his ever-changing touring band, Pacifico, create some of the sugary-sweetest pop-rock around today. Here's a recent article from DIG Magazine about him. Seek out the track "17th and Something" for some Friday listening bliss. 

Exhibit C: Research Turtles 
Oasis-like rock straight outta Lake Charles. Jud Norman and his rag-tag gang know how to craft songs that will make you smile as the amps are turned up to 11. We'll be playing with them on May 28th at Luna Bar and Grill in LC in support of their forthcoming release, Mankiller, which is a blast of an album. 

Exhibit D: The Have-Nauts 
Jason Ourso and Michael Roy have made tunes together in the Baton Rouge scene for, it seems like, a billion years. With this new band, they put a little doo-wop twist to their rock-infused cocktail. It's the city's answer to bands such as Black Keys and Kings of Leon, but with more swing and balls. Also, they're playing tonight. Here's the details. 

Exhibit E: Big Blue Marble 
The first time I saw this NOLA band was at local dive on Chimes Street. Maybe 20 people were there, but they played like 1,000+ was in the audience. In short, I was blown away. They consistently put out great records. Their new self-titled disc is available on iTunes and shows that the band hasn't lost its knack for writing some of the catchiest tunes this side of Mississippi. Not at all. 

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