May 04, 2011

Lyrics of the Day: "JHC"

young boy is amazed at the power of flight 
young boy is grinning at his flapping wings 
young boy, he thinks he'll grab the sun 
young boy's dreams are fiction 
he still thinks he's an eagle 

daddy-daddy daedalus, he's never there 
killed himself, a hurricane of shame 
momma and minos, you know they tried 
young boy melts wax wings to his back 
he still thinks he's an eagle 

the sunshine was special on his fingertips 
he braced himself, yeah, felt it on his lips 
and the feathers tore away 
meanwhile, kids back home, stare at the sky 
always knew what he didn't, always knew 
he could never ever 
he could never ever 


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