May 01, 2011

Upcoming dates and other news

I'll keep it short and to the point as you probably are ready to enjoy the rest of either Playoff basketball, Festival, Jazzfest, Hockey playoffs....the list goes on and on. Anyway, here are some dates featuring The Widowers and some other bands the guys are in. Check them out!

Thursday, May 5th — Cinco de Mayo awesomeness at Red Star Bar in Baton rouge, featuring Dov Charney (with D. Logan on drums, Louby singing and on git-fiddle and the massive, huge star-killer Lee "The Dream" Barbier on bass), Neighborhood Threat and NOLA's Dead People. Click here for more details, should be amazing. NOTE: Don't use the midnight showing of Thor as an excuse to miss out....Kenneth Branaugh directed that's not Shakespeare, it's flippin' Thor.

Friday, May 13th — Friday the 13th extravaganza (meaning, we probably won't get killed by a slasher) at Red Star Bar, featuring Pacifico (with D. Logan on drums, Jon "The Thrill" Tillman on bass), The Diane Lanes (Louby singing and on git-fiddle...again!) and Laffy's The Viatones. More details here.

Friday, May 21st — The Widowers acoustic set with War Jacket at The Haven in Baton Rouge. More details here.

Friday, May 28th — The Widowers with Research Turtles for their CD Release at Lake Charles' Luna Bar and Grill.

Friday, June 14th — The Widowers, Research Turtles and Big Blue Marble at Chelsea's.

How's your mind? Blown? Boom. BCF.

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