August 05, 2013

Childrens Church releases Split with Joshua Polk

Matt's solo/pop-rock pet project, Childrens Church, has released a new Split with Joshua Polk. Both Polk and CC recorded four exclusive songs.

Polk's side includes
Big Man/Surrender/Even Odds/Rubbish Heap

Childrens Church's side includes 
Liz Science Fair/Stormsong/Big Shot/Cheap Jokes

All songs were written and performed by Matt, and mixed and mastered by Paul Kintzing of German Error Message with additional engineering and input from Ross Lawrence.

The release is 008 for Baton Rouge's local collective, Exploding God Heads.

You can download Polk's side here for name your own price.

You can download CC's side here for name your own price. 

If you're like a physical copy, place your order here on Kunaki. CDs are $8. Pictured to the right are the front and back covers, designed by Matt.



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