August 08, 2013

Studio update!

We are hard at work on our first, full-length studio album.

The disc is being produced by Aaron Thomas and worked on at KRVS Studios in Lafayette. Paul Kintzing will head the mixing and mastering of the disc later this year.

Thomas has impeccable credits, including working with Brass Bed, Allison Bohl, Caleb Elliott and many, many more.

So far, seven tracks have been put to tape. We have a few sessions left. And yes, as you see in the picture, the album will feature a few horns.

Among the musicians who have contributed and helped out are Jonathan Loubiere, Jacques Doucet, Christiaan Mader, Lee Barbier, Andrew Toups and Ross Lawrence.

The album will feature 10 songs, overall and will be released in 2014. More updates coming soon!


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